Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

#94, or The Things I Love Episode, or Yay for Lots of Stuff!

I Googled “lots of things” and that image is what came up. I support that —–>


Welcome to the Things I Love edition of this blog. There’s no one particular thing I want to focus on today so I ‘m just going to share some general things on my mind.

1. Wine in my belly (thanks Mom – gotta love a wine-tastic Tuesday night)

2. My fiance – and saying the words “my fiance”. Way to leave me alone with two bottles of wine. Don’t worry – I’m only opening one tonight.

3. My bridal party. As of today, my small but fantastic bridal party is fully assembled and they’re even more excited about being there for me and helping me than I ever could have imagined. Love you girls!

4. Sunny fall days. Today was lovely. Let’s keep it up, Mother Nature.

5. Did I say wine already?

6. My new work hours. I switched to 7-4. It kind of sucks to wake up before 6AM but it’s amazing to cut my total daily commute time MORE than in half. And getting home before 5 makes me feel like I have lots of time to do… I dunno… things…?

7. Family. I love my family. I love my future family-in-law. I love my friends that are practically family anyway. I am surrounded by amazing people on a fairly regular basis. I am blessed and I am grateful.

Happy Tuesday all! I hope yours is all full of lovely thoughts as mine is!

When you are happy you can forgive a great deal.” Princess Diana

Well then call me the queen of forgiveness these days.