#96, or Girl Time Woot, or Wow – How Long Does it Take to Make an Iced Tea?

Let’s get real here. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes to come back with a water and an unsweetened tea. And let’s get even realer – it shouldn’t take 20 minutes for you to come back after giving us those drinks to take our order. And to be realerer – if I ask for a sauce three times, maybe – just maybe – you might actually bring it to the table. Just some thoughts,  from a former server/bartender to another. Just some thoughts.

So other than the crappy service – tonight’s dinner was lovely. Glad Jackie swiped a table when she did though because it packed up within 10 minutes of us arriving. Win.

We talked about girly things and non-girly things. We talked about awesome things and not-awesome things.

Being adults is lame because we don’t get to just hang out all of the time whenever the heck we want like we did in high school. This and the fact that we live a minimum of 30 minutes away from each other (if there’s no traffic – and hi, this is Northern Virginia – there’s always traffic) make it hard to visit all the time. Getting to chill with the Jackie for even a short dinner on a Thursday night is a nice treat.

I also decided – on a crazy whim of mine – to bring my leftover chicken taco home. It will probably be really gross and soggy when I attempt to eat it for lunch tomorrow but I’m holding out hope that even in it’s sogginess it will still be delicious (oooh cross fingers!).

Oh hey – and tomorrow is Friday – sweet!

Flowers are happy things.” P.G. Wodehouse

I like that quote. Doesn’t have anything to do with you. Or me. It’s just all – what up flowers? Flowers do seem pretty happy – I can’t argue there.

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