Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may I present: Death by Chocolate Cupcakes.

Can you feel the nomz emanating off of your computer screen? Probably.

I love baking. Baking makes me happy. If David were allowed to insert sidebars into this blog, this is the point where he might say that I love everything and that the list of things I don’t love is shorter than the list of things I do. This pertains to food, music, movies, people, whatever. Sometimes he says this in a really endearing way. Then other times, like when I’m listening to country music, he says it in a really snarky way.

I love things. I’m okay with that.

It took me quite a few hours to bake my little heart out tonight. Baking from scratch is slightly more complicated than baking from a box – as you may have guessed if you are the guessing type. I’m okay with that too though. Tonight I got some homework done and made over 5o cupcakes – on a weekday! Life win.

Oh also – if you’re the neat type – you should just maybe never be around when I bake. It’s a madhouse. This is why my father is shunned to anywhere but the kitchen when I bake. This is also, I assume, why my future mother-in-law left the den (connected to the kitchen) earlier than she normally does. It’s safer that way for you people. Also father, every time you talk to me about messes I will remember your father laughing when I called you a neat freak and telling me you used to keep dirty dishes under your bed as a child. You can’t hide from your truth. I know who you really are.

You can’t tell right now but this paragraph is being written a full 2 minutes after I ended the last paragraph. I stopped mid-post to taste the fruits of my labor. The chocolate fruits of my choco-labor. That cupcake – was the bomb. And, my baking adventures are win-win. I get to bake and other people get to eat. David is going to bring this smattering of cupcakey goodness to the ThinkGeek crew tomorrow and I hope that they don’t hate them. Remember TGers – they’re made with love! Taste the love!

Alsoer – I love sprinkles. I love sprinkles because the only purpose they serve is to make baked goods happier. They have no flavor Unless you pay oodles for the fancy European ones that are only available in select markets, you get regular American sprinkles. That taste like nothing? No. They taste like happiness.

A well-spent day brings happy sleep.” Leonardo da Vinci

The day on a whole was kind of a mish-mosh but I had a very well-spent evening. Looking forward to the sleep that I’m about to get! Goodnight blogosphere!


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