#104, or Me Plus Wedding Shows Plus Alcohol, or There’s No Other or – I Party Hard

It’s just me, some beer, some Facebook, and some wedding shows. It’s practically the time of my life.

No seriously. It really is. Is that sad? I’m okay with that.

Since getting home I have had two glasses of wine (thanks mom!), two beers, taken a shower, and watching TV. That’s it. Oh and I worked on some designy things. But mostly, I haven’t done much of anything.

If you pay attention to my blog you may have noticed that this is my MO on Fridays in general: nothingness. I like that. I think it makes me predictable in a good way. When David asks if I want to do anything on Fridays, he can assume eight times out of ten that the answer is no. Especially since it’s no longer summer so Say Yes to the Dress isn’t in reruns now.

Can someone please tell me – is this dress switch thing all the rage now? A woman on SYD bought a reception and ceremony dress. Then the chick from Georgetown Cupcakes (nomz) wore a different dress for each too. Am I not hip to this? Am I silly for thinking that if I spend a G or more on a dress I’m going to wear it for WAY more than a 30 minute ceremony?

No? Just me?

Tonight I celebrate my usual Fridayosity – laziness. Today that laziness includes great wine and great beer. Win! Don’t be jealous.

Oh and My Fair Wedding’s new season starts Sunday. TWO days to watch wedding shows? Yes, please.

I still don’t remember why I didn’t follow my idea to be a wedding planner…

Only dumb people are happy.” Courtney Love

Well then I’m a total moron.


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