#105, or Old-School Gamey Time, or I Run the Show and the Day isn’t Over Yet


***This was written 11/13 at 12:32AM but WordPress hates me and saved it as a draft instead of publishing. Rawr.***

So I live in this world where – because it’s my blog – I  make the rules. I think this is a fair world to live in on account of it’s truthiness so I stand by it.

I think that when I say I will post a blog every day I mean every day for me. I’m not bound by the technical definition in regards to a 24 hour timeframe and if I haven’t gone to bed yet then that day is still proceeding as per the rest of the same day.

That said, you’re just going to have to get over it if you are upset my blog is “late”. I don’t agree with that particular term so I will not apply it.

Also, I am convinced that there are only about 10 people that read this anyway so I don’t really have to defend myself to you 10 people if I don’t want to.

In today’s happy news – there was an old-school gaming system style shindig at Ben and Holly’s abode tonight and it was a nice time. We got out, David played a couple games, I played Duck Hunt for one horrid round, and we hung out with new people. I don’t recall introducing myself to anyone or them introducing themselves to me so I don’t actually know the names of any of my new friends but it was nice to talk to people about stuff. And also to play Duck Hunt for 60 seconds.

I haven’t played that game since I was 6ish when I would just click the trigger a hundred times and hope for the best. I tried that again today without much luck. Then they explained to me that you only get three shots to get the ducks down. My whole world was suddenly backwards. I was in a cube of confusion.

I’m that girl that the guys at the Boys & Girls Club would get pissed at because I would play the fighting games and win solely on account of button smashing the crap out of the entire thing. I would win and win. Not because I was good at the game – but because I was good at smashing buttons.

I think that’s a good way to go about life. You don’t have to be good at every little thing but if you can win at things in your own way then you still win and amen to that.

Hallelujah. To old-school games, to sucking at Duck Hunt, and to being good at button smashing.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” Charles Spurgeon

Well that’s good because I don’t have much of anything but I certainly enjoy stuff! Road to happiness here I come!

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