#106, or Busybusybusybusy Weekend, or Also Happy Birthday Dad

We did lots of stuff this weekend.

I think we were about a dozen different places this weekend. That’s sort of crazy.

I’m not usually a fan of busy weekends so this is my effort to embrace it. As the holidays get closer, everyone’s lives get a wee more hectic. I need to appreciate that my life is so full of things and good people that I simply have lots to do! There are shindigs, friendtime, projects galore! This is a good thing even though my sleep schedule might not always agree.

I will definitely be enjoying my first free weekend this holiday season – which at this point is sometime in December. Until then, I shall embrace all the joy of having lots of things to do. I might get bored later when I don’t have so many things to do!

Also, my dad turned the big 5-1 today. He’s never been the exciting birthday type. Although, I think both of my parents need to get wild about their birthdays more often. You guys should work on that for next year kay? When I’m rich I’ll help out. Until then, you guys are really going to have to take charge of the fun.

Oh and for one of my school projects today I made a design that I think is pretty awesome. So yay.

Life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced that we are loved.” Victor Hugo

I like this because it’s not “to be loved”. We don’t actually need to be loved to be happy – we just need to think we are…

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