#110, or Talking to Friends, or Good Conversation During Homework Time

Okay so I probably should have gone to bed liiike an hour ago but I was chugging along on my homework and it felt pretty good. I was also having good chat time with some of my favorite gals so how can you hate on that?

The Jackie called me earlier today and as someone that doesn’t really talk on the phone much, I don’t generally have extensive phone conversations. Today I got to laugh a bit on the phone. That was nicey nice.

Later I chatted with The Page on The Facebooks about plenty o’ interesting things and it’s always nice to catch up with my work bestie (you’ll always be my work bestie).

The cool part was that I was a stellar multitaskosaurus tonight too. I worked on one of my bigger design projects while I chatted intermittently so I didn’t feel like I was in procrastination station. I think I did a pretty good job on it too. Go me!

My brain is basically off now though so this blog is slightly lackluster. I put all of my brainz into my design project and my conversations so now I’m all thinked out! It’s a terrible place to be at the beginning of the day but not so bad of a place at the end of the day. This will set me up for a night of some half-decent sleep I reckon! Half-decent on account of having to wake up 7 hours from now. Throw in another half hour to get ready for bed and a half hour to go to sleep and that’s a shmeasly 6 hours.

Womp womp.

But those will be a good 6 hours if I have anything to say about it!

Also, I keep insisting that talking to friends online helps me do homework and it really does. I need to start a campaign to get people to talk to me online nightly so I do homework. Talking to me in person is too distracting but if I can type to someone I’m golden. Who wants to set up that calender for me? It’d be a super help!

Yay for talking to TWO super friends tonight, for getting a project done, and for using all my brainz. Huzzah Thursday.

People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” Anton Chekov

This is a lie. I don’t care how happy I am. Cold is cold yo.

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