#112, or Movie Night with Friends, or Eddie Murphy Pre-Suck

An Open Letter to Eddie Murphy;

Dear Eddie,

I’m not saying that what you did in Beverly Hills Cop 3 was amazing – but let’s get real – it was better than anything you’ve done recently. Please stop over-acting everything you do.

xoxo, Sabrina


I love me some movie night. Hanging out with Ben/Holly/Liz/occasionally Mark is very delightful and I appreciate their presence. Moving from Predator to Alien to Alien vs. Predator was very exciting. This Beverly Hills Cop thing is very frustrating though. Not because the movies are terrible but because Eddie Murphy isn’t overacting the s out of them (see: Tower Heist) and hanging out with good friends is lovely.

I love me some movie night. Talking over imp0rtant lines. Popcorn. Movie night is where it’s at.

You know what’s  not where it’s at?

Eddie Murphy after the mid 90’s. Where have you gone? And why are you overacting everything?!!??!

Come back to us regular Eddie Murphy!!! We miss you!!

Although even if we didn’t miss you – I’d still love me some movie night. Movie night means collectively enjoying movies or collectively bashing movies. Since we keep picking movies from about a decade ago it leaves lots of room for making fun of people. I appreciate this because it makes me feel better about myself.

Yay cheesy 90’s movies!

Acting is happy agony.” Jean-Paul Sartre

Is that how you feel Eddie? Sigh.

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