#113, or Girltime with my Bridesmaids, or This is Fun Stuff

<—- Okay that…

is not our wedding.

No hating on the women involved there – it’s just so incredibly far from the party we’re slowly putting together.

Today I got even MOAR excited about the wedding (shut up is that even possible?!?) because I spent some time with the lovely ladies that will stand next to me as David is committed… or um commits to marriage… right…

All three of them came over today to eat junk food and do the girl talk thing. We talked about watching a movie originally but it didn’t even get turned on until they’d been here for two hours already and then we didn’t really watch it because we were still talking and playing with the  baby.

Side note: I’m pretty sure anyone that sees Brielle and doesn’t think she’s adorable is dead inside.

I’ve never second-guessed my bridal party decisions but it was nice to have them all together today and to see how awesome they all are and we are as a collective. We had a great time chatting our faces off and since they don’t all go way back they got to know each other more.

I could not be happier with these awesome gals. I have full faith that they will help to keep this adventure fully locked down in the laid back category. I also know that we will have butt loads of fun and when shit hits the fan (and I know it will at some point because everyone has told me this – something WILL go wrong) I can find sanity in the coolest bridesmaids in town.

It’s also amusing that – as Kirsten pointed out – between me and my bridesmaids the relationship spectrum is covered. Single, long-term relationship, engaged, married. We’ve got it all covered. I’m totally going to mess that up once I get married and ruin the symmetry of everything though so Kirsten or Jackie might have to take on a new role.


I bet they both peed their pants when I said that.

Good times.

Oh and you might like to know that in European history, the point of the bridesmaids was to confuse possible warring kingdoms from coming to steal the bride away. The maid of honor often dressed just like the bride so that the potential kidnappers didn’t know who to pick and she could pretend she was the bride. Keep that in mind Jackie. If someone comes to get me and steal me – you’re supposed to sacrifice yourself.

The groomsmen on the other hand were meant to help protect the bride should someone come to try to steal her. The best man was there so that in the event that the groom died protecting his bride, he would step in to marry her. Yea Egg, that’s right. You’re officially second in line to marry me. I don’t think you’re properly preparing for this duty.

Continuing with yesterday’s open letter theme:

Dear Jackie, Jody, Kirsten (in alphabetical order heyo),

You are all really awesome and smart and funny and fun. I love you all and am glad you’re on this journey with me.

Stay classy.

Loveyerfaces, Sabrina

Whoever is happy will make others happy too.” Anne Frank

In that case, you are all required to be happy. Required. Or else.

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