#115 or, LoLing at Things, or Zooey Deschanel is Funny – She Should be my Friend

Okay hi I love this show. I caught up on the latest episode thanks to Hulu tonight and it made me lots of happy.

It’s nice to see Zooey (we’re on a first name basis like that) in a fun new role and see her experimenting with her comedicosity. Her indie flicks leave emo guys across the globe fawning over her sultry cool chick who’s too cool to notice she’s cool for being indie thing. This show, on the other hand, will leave them fawning over her sense of humor.

I smile a lot and I laugh a lot and it’s nice to laugh out loud at a TV show. That’s mostly nice because I live with a film dude who doesn’t like to watch light-hearted or comedic movies but once every three months. I like getting my funnies in with the TV shows.

Zooey’s character Jess is funny and quirky but not in an entirely “out there” way that is unrelatable. I’m crossing my fingers that her and Nick fall madly in love at least within three seasons. Please. They’re delightful. I’m so invested in them. I need this to happen. I also need for you to watch the show. You’ll love it, I promise. And if you don’t love it… well… get off my back we can’t all like the same things jerk.

So thanks for the laughies Fox, Zooey, and company. I greatly appreciate it. It’s always nice to have an escape from the real world now and again with silly and funny things.

Yay television.

I happy am, Joy is my name. Sweet joy befall thee.” William Blake

Yea, what he said.

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