#117, or Happy Thanksgiving, or I am Thankful For…

A fun family, amazing friends, a hilarious fiance, encouraging coworkers, supportive future in-laws, chicken wings, a roof over my head that isn’t leaking, health that allows me to live normally and exercise hard, mad baking skills, a job that pays the bills and leaves a little fun money, the right to live freely, the chance to go to school, a supportive bridal community, the ability to express myself, a sense of humor, whoever first thought of mixing chocolate with peanut butter, David’s recovery, every doctor that helped in kicking cancer ass, my car, my car still truckin’ even though it’s so clear she wants to die, the time I get to be artsy and craftsy, beer, awesome TV shows, the time to relax this weekend, two paid holidays in a row, the ability to forgive others and myself, a welcoming church community, books, babies, animals, baby animals, never going hungry, Team LIVESTRONG, and so so so so so much more than I can’t even think of right now because I’m too overwhelmed by warm fuzzy feelings of thankfulness.

About Sabrina

I love writing, photography, art, design, and dancing around. I make things out of other things. I bake with my heart. . View all posts by Sabrina

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