#118, or I Got my Wedding Dress Today, or DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?!? I GOT A FRIGGING WEDDING DRESS TODAY!!!

I recently was under the impression that the dresses I love might only look good on a supermodel (see: super tall and skinny). So today’s Black Friday adventure was interesting and surprising.


There is a local store that says they cater specifically to plus size brides but are happy to help all size brides. I should make it known that I am not plus size but thought their willingness to cater to a different from the norm sort of bride made me think they might be great. They held a Black Friday sale today with dresses marked down to $399. When I walked in a woman said-here’s the dresses, you’re small so this end is for you and here’s your room.


And walked away.




Walked away.


I don’t know how to put a wedding dress on. Neither does my mother.


Four employees were there – all of which engaged openly in conversation with the two plus-sized brides that were there and entirely ignored my mother and I. As a certified personal trainer (no longer doing it professionally though) I am well aware that people can be judged on their size. It was hurtful though to realize that in a store that catered to women that are used to being judged – they were just as rude to someone small. Hypocritical much? I don’t want to mention to the name of the store because I really do think they’d be great for plus-size brides – but not for every size as they mention in their ads. It was upsetting and unfortunate. We left after 15 minutes.


It was 6:30AM and I was already down. Lame.


I had previously made an appointment as another local bridal shop (Jeanette’s in Manassas) though for later in the day and hoped that would go better.


Oh hai – it did. All of the women that worked there were so entirely sweet. On top of that they complimented my figure which is always good for self-esteem, they laughed at my terrible jokes, and they called me a laid-back bride which I took as a giant compliment.


They were having a sample sale that I didn’t even mention but the consultant said “Here are the samples, these are all on sale, let’s go through all these and if you don’t like these then we can move on to the more expensive ones.” OMG Hi how sweet was she? I ended up not buying a sample because of how intricate the dress is and how much alteration work it would require but I picked based on the samples.


I tried on a bunch of different silhouettes and I liked all of them enough but I didn’t LOVE all of them. When I told the consultant that I loved a certain kind of dress and certain details she was excited to help me. When I tried on a big poofy princess dress she said “Hmm… it looks nice but it’s just not you” and she was spot the hell on.


I had an amazing bridal experience today. In my first ACTUAL bridal appointment. It was the kind of dress I wanted but didn’t think I would look good in. To my surprise it looked great. It felt great. I loved it and got emotional – although I didn’t outright bawl.


All of the women at Jeanette’s were so fun and sweet and they helped me and my mother with enthusiasm and smiles on their faces. Oh and they all congratulated me after they found out I picked out the dress. I’m sure as a first appointment kind of gal they weren’t expecting that but I know what I want! This was better than the experience I hoped for and I am so excited. I had a great time with my mom and this was a trip that I would not have changed for the world.

Love love love. Love my mom. Love the dress. Love Anastasiya. Love Jeanette’s. Love all. Always. Love. Can’t wait to see it in 5-6 months when it comes in!!



You can be happy where you are.” Joel Osteen

Am. Happy. Here. Done.


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