#119, or Happy Friendsgiving, or I Can’t Think Clearly – David is Snoring

Okay so here I was thinking Matt was clever and that he invented Friendsgiving but then I Googled it and found out that it’s in Urban Dictionary and that there are pictures to support it to boot.

As I mentioned in the title, this post may be a little scattered as I find it difficult to think and type words when I’m listening to snoreasaurus Rex. I am so grateful he is not a nightly snore-er and I will fully admit that I have my moments as well. Also, his snoring is waaaay less intense than my dad’s.  I remember being a kid and wondering how my mother event attempted to sleep since I could hear my dad from 3 rooms away. He’s like a bear. A totally knocked out bear.

David is a knocked out bear too. All the fun and excitement clearly wore him out. I get that. It was an exciting evening.

Thank you to the most amazing Matt Patton for hosting all of us over at your home of wonders. It occurs to me right now that I did not clean anything up which makes me feel like a giant jerk so um… I owe you a cleaning party! ASAP!

There were tons of totally awesome people there tonight and I loved talking to every single one of them. I like that the people we spent the night with I haven’t seen in ages but still feel like we go way back forevs. David and I also came to the conclusion – separately and together – that we need to spend way more time with the likes of you crazy folk.

Matt – your chefery impresses me. I don’t eat red meat often but seriously people – I had a steakgasm tonight. The meat was rudikalus good. I was overwhelmed by it’s goodness. The cake I made was kind of meh – I’ve done better – but the meat – THE MEAT I TELL YOU – was off the damn chain. You can cook for me anytime, Matt. Seriously. Anytime. David works late on Wednesday so if you could come make me dinner then, that would be most conducive to my schedule.

Oh and I learned how to play cornhole tonight! I’ve never played before and I’m no professional but I’m not terrible either which made me feel good about myself.

Also oh – I went and got my hair did with my mom today. Jody – the hair rockstar – made us both into pretty princesses. Win. Aduh.

Dear Universe, I love you. Love, Sabrina.

When you are happy you can forgive a great deal.” Princess Diana

I have nothing to say about that except that it is truthy in so many ways. I know this first hand. Amen sister.

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