#120, or Engagement Photos, or Take Our Picture While We Snug for an Hour

Today we paid someone to take pictures of us snuggling. Totally an odd concept when it’s out there like that. In real life though it was way more fun. We’re not much for modeling and we didn’t have a lot of creative poses so it was mostly just us standing, kissing and hugging but I think we did okay. We enjoyed ourselves and even though neither of us has a future as a supermodel I think that there’s AT LEAST one decent photo in there.

The lovely Tori came out to take our photos that we may or may not use on our Save the Date cards but we will definitely use them for… I don’t know… Something? I haven’t seen her since high school so it was nice to take a little step back into the past. I don’t often feel connected to Northern Virginia and especially not to my high school experience here which was so detached having only spent two years here. In that regard, it was nice to feel like I did have some sort of connection here however small that I could reconnect for a hot minute with someone from my Northern Virginia past.

She is totally sweet and laid back which fits in with the drama-free plan for our wedding. She also – go figure – takes some awesome photos so I’m looking forward to whatever she makes happen out of today’s photo shoot. If you want to check out her awesomeness you can do so HERE.

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding – you may or may not know – and it was nice to just take some time out on a Sunday morning, in a spot that is special to us, to just stare lovingly into each other’s eyes and remind ourselves what this is all for.

The open bar.

Or maybe love.

But definitely the open bar.

People happy in love have an air of intensity.” Stendhal

Yea. It was so intense. I’m sure.

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