#121, or Monday Things Happened Successfully, or Oopsy I Forgot My Blog!

So this is kind of crazy. I’ve posted some blogs late in the day. I’ve thought I posted some and found out WordPress saved them as drafts. But for the first time, I just forgot to write my blog.

It’s a learning moment.

The interesting thing is that normally I don’t have much exciting news to post on Mondays on account of them being so obnoxious but I happened to have a lovely little Monday yesterday. Perhaps it was the four-day weekend that led up to the Monday but I felt like I really got things together yesterday.

Every night I debate with myself on whether or not to do homework, be lazy, cook dinner, work out, or do wedding-related things. Often, one – maybe two – of these things happen and the rest fall by the side.

Yesterday though – get this – I did ALL of those things.

I got home, went on a two mile run, and cooked dinner all by 7PM. Then I did a smidgen of homework. After that I checked out my favorite wedding website while the first part of the TV show I was watching was on and I watched the second half of the show simply curled up on the couch.

Aaaaaand I was in bed by 10:30. I usually aim for 10 but a 30 minute run over isn’t so bad.

Granted, I had a terrible time sleeping but that’s my fault on account of having caffeinated coffee with breakfast (for shame caffeine sensitive Sabrina).

I think that all of this successfullosity must have overwhelmed by brain and thus I moved “Write Blog” off of my mental list to do. My brain is only used to a very short Monday mental list and clearly was overly confused and inundated with thoughts of the multitude of things happening.

It was probably my most constructive Monday in ages. It also gave me the boost I needed for the rest of the week. I normally use Monday as an excuse to do absolutely nothing.

Maybe I should rethink that strategy.

Now comes the hard part… do I write two blog entries today to make up for the back up or do I just use this as today’s entry and continue on tomorrow?

Tough call, universe.

I’m going to have to think on that.

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