#124, or I’m Perfectly Imperfect, or Wow – I’m Really Having an Off Week eh?

I’m kind of impressed with myself. My first week completely forgetting to post and I forget twice. Try not to be too in awe of all of my genius and fantasticness.

I’m not taking it too hard though. I might have at the beginning of this whole process but writing this blog has really been a great learning experience – forgetfulness included. I am not perfect so I can’t expect this blog to be. With that, sometimes I forget to do things in my real life so even though you might think that doing something over 100 days in a row would have ingrained some sort of habit in me this would be incorrect and I can misstep even then.

I’m not even at the halfway point of this year-long adventure which means I’ve still got tons of time to learn about myself. I have, at least, reached the point in this project where I regularly think of my blog when something particularly great happens. I will make a mental note to myself “Oh, this must go in my blog!”

Sometimes my blogs are interesting to others. Sometimes they’re not. Sometimes – like this week – it’s really off. That’s life I say (so does Frank Sinatra). I’m learning to not be so hard on myself through all of this. If I miss a post – oh well keep on moving. If my post sucks – oh well keep on posting. In 365 days of posting – they can’t all be good or interesting writing. It’s just science.

But this project is helping me figure out my writing style, appreciate the little things in my world, and really focus on the good stuff. Making mistakes is human. Making mistakes is what makes life interesting. Making mistakes is how we learn. It’s part of why I don’t go back and correct my typos if I re-read a post after I posted it. That happened in that moment so let it be and do better next time.

So here’s to mistakes, forgetfulness, and being completely incapable of perfection.

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