#125, or Work Holiday Party, Or Yummo Weekendo!

Tonight we had our work “holiday party” which was a delight. We went to Not Your Average Joe’s which was lovely!

I work in an office with about 15-20 people but only actually work with 2 of the ladies in the office. Because of this, the holiday parties are not a big extravagant affair you might expect with a giant company. Throwing a huge party for just the three of us and our significant others would just be awkward.

The bread and dip were to die for. The lasagna was quite good but I wasn’t as in love with it as I remember being with their food previously. David concurred with the bread being delicious and the food being good. Really though, it’s probably not a good thing for your restaurant if your free  bread is more memorable than some of your entrees. Pull it together guys okay?

So we had great bread, good food, and delightful conversation. We ladies are chatty Cathys so it was nice for us to all gather with our menfolk and having a big ol conversation.

I love Fridays. I also super love food. Taking a regular Friday and turning it into a not-so-regular Friday celebrating with some fun people was awesome.

Holidays yay! I love that all this season people spend time celebrating joy and love and peace and warm mushy feelings. If I could bottle the Christmas spirit I so totally would. And I would reproduce it and give it away – I wouldn’t even sell it because I’m that nice.

Please let me know if you’d like me to add your contact information to my Christmas spirit bottle distribution list.

Flowers are happy things.” P.G. Wodehouse

I like that quote because I like flowers. And they definitely make me happy.

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