#126, or Attempting New Things, or Touch Screen Keyboards Aren’t Entirely the Devil – Just a Sort of

Strangely enough, this post didn’t go how it was supposed to. I was on my Nook having some funsies and thought that I should type my blog from there. 

Apparently WordPress isn’t compatible with the Nook Color.

Then I thought – I shall perservere – and I downloaded the WordPress app on my Evo 3D. It took me way longer than I have the patience for to get the title out so I said screw it.

Here I am back on my laptop about to write a post about not fully hating touch screen keyboards except that in real life I still sort of do. It’s a learning experience though (as are many moments listed on my blog) and I respect that.

David reluctantly got me a touch screen phone under the agreement that I wasn’t allowed to spend the duration of the phone-having bitching about the touch screen. This comes after multiple uses of his touch screen phones and him watching me restrain myself from throwing it across the room in frustration. Sending a text for him while he’s driving was like pulling teeth from a grown lion as far as I was concerned.

But I am weak and I am a sheep so I wanted a cool phone. Really, I wanted the iPhone 4S but I’ll just have to buy the iPhone 5 for myself when it comes out. The phone I have isn’t so terrible and I’m really working on my touch screen keyboard abilities.

Here’s where the trouble is though: I say weird stuff. Like… all the time. I make words up and mash words together on a daily  basis. I didn’t really notice how much until the automatic word filler inner magoo kept replacing words like awesomeness, lovey, sups, awws, supwitchu, hiyo, probs – you get the picture – with regular words. I’ve added at least a hundred words to my phone’s dictionary since I got it a month ago and I’m pretty sure only a handful of them are actual words you’d find in a dictionary. 

I think if I’m being honest I still prefer the ability to type my own thoughts on a keyboard as I want them and not have something guessing at what I’m trying to say on account of it being to hard to directly type anything into these devices correctly the first time unless you have the hands of a six year-old but I don’t totally hate it either.

When it gets stuff right it’s quite nice to only have to type the first letter or two of a word for it to figure it out and move on to the next one. The touching motions of owning a touch screen anything are all very delicate things to do with one’s hands and I like the softness it encourages and gracefulness. 

Yea, I just said your touch screen requires graceful gestures.

And I meant it.

You can’t rage on your touch screen because then it gets all confused and goes nuts on you. You have to be gentle with it. It’s a lesson in gentleness. How delightful.

So I opened my mind up to a touch screen phone and I have yet to want to throw it across the room. I do think it’s ironic that the night I decide to write about my openness, my phone and Nook just poop out on me in the working how I want it to department but that’s the magic of them I suppose.

Oh and it’s only been a month so maybe with another couple of months worth of practice I’ll be a professional and not even notice the difference. Maybe by then my speedy fingers will no longer be lagging and I’ll be back to typing things on my phone/Nook like the typey queen I was before. I am slowly progressing and eventually I will be a whiz because I’m not giving up on my touch screen typing abilities. 

Or maybe I’ll just wait until the iPhone with a slide out QWERTY keyboard comes out.

That’s next right…?

Most of us would be upset if we were accused of being ‘silly’ – comes from the old English word ‘seilig’ and it’s literal definition is to be ‘blessed, happy, healthy, and prosperous.‘” Zig Ziglar

I don’t know if that’s actually true but if it is and if I were ever upset at being called silly, I’d be upset. A lot. I’d probably be so upset I couldn’t leave my bed ever again. I’d rather be silly than not I reckon.


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