#127, or One Week til this Term is Over, or My Brain is Fried

I will be ever so grateful this time next week that it is finally my holiday recess.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be taking the same overloaded course schedule starting with the first term of 2012 on account of how meh my GPA will be for this one which sort of sucks but maybe is a good thing. I want to get done with school as quickly as possible but maybe it’s okay if I don’t kill my brain for one term. Maybe it’s okay if I take a couple weeks to breathe, collect myself, and then get back into kicking class ass.

I rocked my last term and this term is just really rocking me so I am just beyond excited that there’s only one week left of it. I can’t wait for my last math class ever to be over. If I ever decide to go to grad school (don’t see that happening though) then I will only pick a program that requires me to take zero math classes. Math bores me. Listen I get that it can be useful okay, every math class I’ve ever taken has required a project about how math can be applied in real life.

I get it.

It still bores me.

Because it bores me, I don’t focus. Because I don’t focus, it doesn’t make any sense. Because it doesn’t make any sense, I can’t do well.

It’s a viscous math cycle that I look forward to ending.

I am glad that I have merely one week until about three weeks of brain leisure. That will be so fantastically fantastic that I can’t even begin to explain it to you.

People will be all “Hey, wanna do something some time?” and I’ll be all “Um.. YEA.” This is going to be sweet.

Okay so maybe I’ll still have things to do and it won’t always go entirely like that but whatever you get the point.

Seven days from now I will have some freedom. I have tons of crafts I want to get my hands on in the next couple of weeks and I can’t wait to dive right in and do happy fun things that make me warm and fuzzy on the inside. I also can’t wait to get this beyatch of a term behind me because suffice it to say it is not my best.

Seven days.

And…. go.

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