#128, Unexpected Gifts, or The Chocolate in the Office

Is that sad – that I’m excited about chocolate?

I’m okay with that.

I really love chocolate.

You know how there’s all those high-maintenaince girls that like chocolate but think it’s a cop-out gift because there’s no thought in it from their intended?

That’s not me. Buy me a box of chocolates. I’ll get pretty excited. Buy me fancy ones? Even more excited. Buy me ones shaped like fun things? Also more excited?

You can’t go wrong with chocolate.

Mostly. I mean, there’s certainly flavors I’m not partial to but I’m fairly easy to please with chocolate. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day – all holidays with chocolate at the focal point somehow and I respect that. I can get behind holidays that are so pro-chocolate.

Last week a company we work with sent several boxes of Godiva chocolate to the office. I mentioned before I only work with two other women. That makes these boxes even more amazing. There was enough chocolate for a middle school choir. But no – it goes in our bellies. Today we divied it up a bit so my boss didn’t have to be the strong one with all of them in her office so now there’s a box in mine too. It sort of makes me more excited to go to work because I’m that pathetic and in love with chocolate.

It’s like – nice coworkers, mini heater, chocolates – how can I go wrong? What’s not to love.

This is definitely one of those times in life where it’s obvious I really do appreciate the little things. Like chocolate. Godiva chocolate om nom nom. I hope it lasts forever.

Except it probably won’t even last through the week.


Om. Nom. Nom.

Some people never find it, some only pretend, but I just want to live happily ever after every now and then.” Jimmy Buffett

Yea I just quoted Jimmy Buffett and I’m not ashamed.

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