#129, or A Bitchin Rental Car, or Vrooom This is Way Better Than my Car

The collision repair shop can take all the time in the world to fix my car as long as I’m allowed to stay in the rental car.

Thank you, guy that hit my car that has awesome car insurance.

When the Enterprise guy came to pick me up from the shop he said something about being sorry for the inconvenience and having to go to a repair facility. I told him everyone in both cars was fine and I was excited to drive a car nicer than mine for a bit.

He gave me this look as if to say “Well that’s awful expectant of you” and asked me which car was mine. I pointed him to the “loved” looking red Ford hatchback and he laughed (that’s a sign) and noted that my license plates say to be happy. I said that’s the plan. We made small talk until we got to Enterprise.

After working in the collision industry I’m well aware of how rude and mean collision repair customers can be. With that in mind I made sure to be nice (not that I’m ever not nice). Then he pulled up the car.

Kachow. 2012 Chrysler 200 with 5000 miles on it and satellite radio.

Ooooh it drives so nice. It makes me want a new car. I forget how cars are supposed to drive. They’re not supposed to sound like a helicopter. They’re not supposed to sound sad when I increase speed. I feel safer and more comfortable in this car for sure.

Also, it makes a really sweet sound when I hit the gas.

Not that I go fast in it though because that’s irresponsible.

Foreal though.

Can I keep it?

I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll keep paying the monthly payment except I’ll keep this car and you keep mine. I think that sounds fair. Please let me know where to sign.

Have you laughed today?

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