#130B, or Making Things Happen for the Party of the Year, or Today was Eventful

I know I said I would continue with what I was saying yesterday but there really wasn’t much else to explain that was any sort of interesting so I’m skipping that. But since there was a 130A, I’ll continue with #130B since I don’t feel like the last blog was full blog potential.

Full disclosure  – I’m going to talk about wedding stuff so if you don’t care – leave now. I try to avoid talking wedding things in this particular venue because I don’t want it to turn into a wedding blog and because I’m fairly certain no one except me wants to read about wedding things that often anyway. So I save it for days like today that are particularly successful and it just so happens to deal with the wedding.

My lovely mother accompianied me tonight to get a venue and a photographer. That means we have a date, a place, and people to document it forever.

It’s really happening.


Everyone at the venue was really great today and being in the space imagining myself getting married there was so fantastically awesome. The guy even pointed out that it’s the kind of venue that’s meant for laid-back weddings. It’s either a “you like it and it’s perfect for you” or “you want to change it in which case it’s definitely not for you” sort of thing. And we love it. And it’s going to be awesome.

Much like our photographers are awesome. And their house is in a strange little spot of Arlington that I’ve never been to before. They’re a great couple that has been really great in working with us already. But even more fantastic? They seem to be just as excited about our wedding as we are which is a killer quality to have. They’re going to help make a great, fun, laid-back day even more so and I can’t wait to see how they document it!

Oh and we also have a tentative idea of the colors we want to spew into the venue.

This is so friggen awesome. Most of the time it still doesn’t feel real. I can’t believe I’m getting married. Maybe it’s because I’m not the bridezilla type. Without that attitude there’s a lot less drama and theatrics. Without all the drama and theatrics the day seems more laid-back which isn’t what a lot of people think of when they think of weddings.

I’m okay with that.

Oh and the absolute best part? Having the venue and date set means it’s officially arts and crafts time. I get to spend months now working on all the crafty bits! All my artses get to come alive for my biggest artsandcrafts project evar! *Squeeee*

Art Projects: COMMENCE!


Best Friends Forever

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