#131, or Hey – I Remember You, or Finally Some QT with my Man

So it’s that time of year again, folks. The trees are up, lights are hung, children are writing letters to Santa, elves are on shelves, and people are telling David he ruined Christmas.

Oh the joy of retail.

I totally love Christmas.

A lot.

It’s sort of the best.

I love the holiday spirit, decorating, giving people cool stuff. It’s all awesome.

You know what’s not awesome? The hours my hubaloo works. I understand why he has to switch it up and why he has to take one for the team during December but it still sucks. I work 7-4. He works sometime during the day until 10-12 at night. Ish. So we pretty much have almost opposite schedules and during the week I see him only in the morning while he’s sleeping in bed.

Tonight though since it’s Friday I stayed up a little later (no work tomorrow – yay weekend) and he got home a bit earlier. The fates collided and we have some time to snug.

We had time to watch a whole TV show (see: today’s image). And we’re going to get in bed at the same time.

Whaaaat?!? Craziness. I know.

Maybe we’ll even get some decentish sleep tonight. Although that requires us both to sleep like normal people to avoid interupting each other’s sleep pattern and that’s not always easy. Especially not lately. Like last night when I shook David awake and told him to get out of the bed.

In my sleep.

Yea, sleeping next to a girl that sleep walks/talks/does stuff is a whole lot of fun. It’s just high-larious to him when I start telling him stories or poking him at 3AM.

So please do be sending all of your warmest and fuzziest thoughts to us while we get a wee bit of time to actually spend together. Then of course he goes to work tomorrow and I have finals to finish.

We’re basically party animals in December. I can’t wait til January when I can see my fiance again. It’s gonna be awesome.

Let’s Snug in the Water

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