#132, or Finished with Finals, or Winter Break Here I Come!

I finished my finals. Did I do awesome? I don’t know. Hopefully I passed. This past term was sort of rough on me so I’m not too entirely optimistic about these particular end of the term exams but I’m pretty sure I at least passed all of my classes.

You may be wondering what the hell is up with that squirrel with pancakes – to which I do not have an answer. I Googled “final exams” and that image came up so I thought I’d go ahead and go with it. I think it’s pretty fitting. Squirrels. Pancakes. Final exams. It all makes sense I think.

My winter break is official and I have nothing to do for school until 2012. That’s pretty fantastic. I plan on spending the rest of the year relaxing in style. Also, probably being bored. With David working until midnight, getting home at 5PM means I have a lot of free time. Of course I’ll be working out but… what else will I do?


I’m trying to remember what I did with the month off between my associate’s program and my bachelor’s and I can’t remember anything. Obviously this means I didn’t do anything useful during that time.

I have a Christmas craft that I need to get working on so that should be fun but maybe I’ll just spend the rest of 2011 getting to bed at a decent hour and getting half-decent sleep. That would be pretty crazy.

Or maybe I’ll stay up late making pancakes with squirrels. It could go either way really.

The point is… I want a dog. No wait – I don’t think that was the point.

A person is never happy except at the price of some ignorance.” Anatole France

I’m okay with that.

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