#133, or Monday Relaxation Station, or Yea – I Didn’t Post Yesterday-What of it?

Okay so I didn’t post yesterday. I realized this early this morning on my way to work, driving in the masses of Northern Virginia.

There have been many reasons posts have been put up late. Some because I thought I posted but it turned out to be a draft. Some because I thought I posted and it didn’t exist. Some because I posted after midnight and it didn’t really count.

But yesterday?

Yesterday I straight up forgot. I was in vacation brain. My winter break started the second I finished my last final.

My apologies to my admiring masses. I know that I’m basically a local author celebrity so I’m sure you were all just dying to read whatever nonsense I wrote.

In awesomer news – today I got some fantastic girl-time with Kirsten. In fact, she’s still here!

We have had some stellar time talking about life, love, and everything in between. I also enjoyed some wine because um, hello, it’s my first weekday of winter break which basically makes it a holiday.

Tomorrow at work is going to be rough on account of the not going to bed at the normal time I go to bed but it will have been worth it because it was the most eventful Monday in roughly a hundred years. Partly because Monday is boring but major partly because wine plus girlchat with Kirsten is very time and brain-consuming is awesome.

I am thoroughly enjoying some time to relax and do the girl thing which I don’t get often. And I’m relaxing in David’s sweatshirt/track jacket thing which makes it more cozy. Don’t tell David though. He mostly doesn’t read this blog so I don’t have to worry about him being concerned with me wearing his track jacket. But when he goes to put on this particular track jackety type attire later in the week and it smells like a pretty girl – he might have an idea.

Today, work was crazy. Life was crazy. Awesome things are happening in my life all around that I’m so excited about I could pee but I don’t want to get overly excited so here’s the deal:

Monday: happy things: girlchat, no school.

Sunday: happy things: time with parents, decorating for Christmas, bonding time with my mom.

The end.


Scary best friends. 

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