#135, or Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Holiday Braindead, or Some Good Stuff Happened Yesterday Too

I’m sorry I have let you down recently blog-friends. I still love you, I promise. It’s just that my brain seems to be on overload right now and perhaps the holidays are not kind to my thought processes.

During finals week, the blog was the last thing from my mind. Now that we’re in the middle of a move (yes, again) and it’s the crazy holiday season, the blog keeps taking a step backwards in my list of things to do. In fact, it goes so far backwards that I don’t remember until I wake up in a huff in the middle of the night realizing that I forgot to post.

No seriously. I did.

So I’m learning that this time of year is not good for my short or long term memory abilities and thus is making my life even more confusing. I have to pack, I’m working on a Christmas art project, I need to bake for the work holiday pot luck, I have to clean things here and at the new house, I’m planning a wedding, work is crazy as vendors try to fulfill yearly commitments… things are busy.

I’m sorry little blogolites for I do not wish to forsake you in your time of need. I promise to work harder. Post better. And be awesomer. I will not let you down!

Also, yesterday was kind of rough but I had organic mac n’ cheese with dinner, got my laundry put away, and chatted with my old roomie, Chelsea. All positive things. Hump day wasn’t the most exciting but I made it out alive and that’s all I can really ask for I suppose.

Later today I will have a Thursday post! I will! I swear! Don’t give up on me blogosphere. I won’t let the holiday madness kill me!!

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I love writing, photography, art, design, and dancing around. I make things out of other things. I bake with my heart. . View all posts by Sabrina

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