#136, or New Return Address Labels, or New Home Soon (Again)

I know what you’re thinking “Damn, you’re moving again?!”

The short of it is yes. But in awesome world this time is for good reasons. Moving out of our decrepit apartment when we found David was sick was necessary but very rushed and not very fun. It turned out for the better because living in his parents basement is about 14 times nicer than the craphole we were living in before. I’m grateful to them for offering up their home and their support when David needed it most.

And now, things are looking up. David has been home from his month of treatment for almost two months now, he is still going through some but is way back on his feet, and we’re putting our lives back in order. We are also incredibly blessed to have amazing friends and family willing to offer support and good things.

So we’re getting a house. Sort of. We’re moving into a house (hey Steve you should just give us your house – yes?) and I couldn’t be more excited. We still plan on some day making it into the city but for now this awesome four bedroom, two car garage suburban delight will do just wonderfully. We are getting back on our feet and in a spectacular way. A house! A friggen house! We get to decorate it and put stuff in it and the like. It’s not the shotty hole in the wall we used to live in – it’s a real live house that’s nice!

We’ve been out and about looking at bathroom vanities, rugs, tiles, all sorts of exciting house things. This. Walking through Home Depot with my sweetheart talking about the best vanity for the bathroom. This is when I had a moment where I was reminded that we will be married in less than a year. We felt marriagey talking about totally mundane things but it was mundane things  for our space and it was nice.

I get really excited about all cheesy things in the universe. Today the return address labels for our new house came in the mail (kudos to Vistaprint because I definitely ordered them Monday) complete with two adorable owls and festive colors. I look forward to sending copious amounts of mail from the two of us in our new cozy home. Yay owl things.

Also, I hung out at my parent’s house on a weekday baking brownie bite things for the work pot luck tomorrow. It’s nice to step out of the norm of the usual weekday grind and hang out somewhere familiar sometimes.

Tomorrow is Friday! Let’s get excited people! Jeans at work day is the best day of the work week!! One shift stands between me and a weekend. Let’s get it started!





Attack drills!

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