#137, or Nerf Fight with David, or Let’s Get This Weekend Started Yo

Today’s happy thing only took up about 60 seconds of my day but it’s still noteworthy nonetheless.

Today was a crazy day and I felt like I was running around quite a bit. Then I furthered that feeling on my own accord by deciding to do a bit of new house shopping with my mom this evening. I’d like to say it was for something awesome like a bedroom set or a dining room table but it was just for a mop and broom.

Oh and garbage bags. Oh and a dustpan. Hi- did you know that you can buy a broom without a dustpan? I would expect that maybe for industrial brooms or outdoor brooms but for an indoor house broom? Really? Do people buy one and not the other? I can’t imagine that.

So after getting home from this excursion I drove brownies and David’s stuffs to him at work because he’s spending the night. To everyone ordering stuff from ThinkGeek this holiday season – you damn well better appreciate your light saber candlesticks and fake butterflies in jars because my fiance lives at that office this season. He doesn’t exist at home so love your geek toys or I will hunt you down and kill you.

Moving on, when I delivered the brownies and some overnight belongings for him we had a quick bit of a nerf gun fight. It’s much less exciting when your target is 20 feet away and therefore has enough time to move when you shoot at him. Lame. Oh and I was still figuring out how to use the gun. The last gun I used was a 9mm at a shooting range so I wasn’t really prepared for the ease of a toy gun. Whatever, I have big awesome nerf gun plans so when the time comes, he’s going down.

That’s right David, who totally isn’t reading this anyway, your time will come sir and you will cry like a small child.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



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