#138, or Father/Daughter Power Tools Time, or I’m Not as Strong as I Look

So I brought all of my strongs to the new house this morning to get some fixer-upper-ing done with my dad today. We had a couple of projects to do this morning and he did more than I did on account of his knowledge of things to this nature but I think I was a decent helper.

I tried to tackle the gross and giant stadium seating in the basement. I probably looked ridiculous trying to rip carpet off of it with a hammer (yea, hammer) but I’m okay with that. My dad came out to witness me pulling with all of my bodyweight and the carpet on the seating wasn’t moving.

And oh, David ten years ago? HOW ABOUT YOU DON’T BUILD THIS THING?!!? With your 800 nails, 100 screws, nasty carpeting not even cut to the block. Just let it go twenty-something David. You don’t need that in the basement. I promise. You really don’t. Because some day the woman you love and plan to marry is going to break it apart and judge you.

My dad and I don’t really hang out as much as my mom and I so it’s nice every now and then to batten down the hatches (is that the quote? I don’t really know what it means) and do some project things. He was probably overwhelmed by my strongs and my ability to fix things because they’re both pretty star-quality.

Try not to be jealous of my technical abilities like my dad is.

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