#139, or Cleaning Day at the New Place, or We Have Amazing Friends

I think it’s safe to say that we know some pretty awesome people.

Our new house is great. It’s a huge house with a lot going for it but since it’s been only sporadically lived in recently it needs some love. The house needs a  big cleaning and today we got major work done.

We cleaned out the kitchen, got all the weird stuff out of the way and put the useful stuff in useful places, cleaned window sils, windows, doors, tore up a floor, washed a floor, replaced vents, cleaned appliances, and more! It was quite a busy day and I think saying that I will sleep peacefully tonight is a safe bet.

We wouldn’t have been able to get nearly as much done today without the help of our awesome friends. Ben, Kevin, Kirsten, and Stephanie all sacrificed a Sunday to come help us out and I could not be more grateful. We were able to get billions more accomplished with them there.

We were also able to have a lot more fun. Not only was there ridiculous amounts of efficient and swift cleaning happening but there was tons of conversation and copious amounts of laughter. Cleaning today was tiring but it was also fun and I certainly didn’t expect that. There aren’t tons of people that would offer up a day to clean their friends’ house with them and I truly feel blessed to have multiple people in my life willing to do that.

It’s weird because in my relationships  before there was always a very clear line between his friends and my friends. I could get along with the friends of the guys I dated but I would never ever call them friends. I feel differently with David’s friends. I know part of it is because we’re getting married so really -they’re all our friends at this point no matter how we originally know them – but also because I do genuinely enjoy their company and think they’re great people. It’s awesomeness.

Our new house was in serious need of serious love. And today we had friends that helped us bring it. They also helped us eat pizza,drink beer, and scream profanities through the house on a fairly regular basis. Always fun. We attempted to not look at the dirty rags so much and it didn’t always work but thinks got clean anyway.

To the amazing people in my life willing to help us out when we are in over our heads – I love you.

To everyone else: suck it.

Okay no that’s not true because plenty of people had things to do today and would have helped but couldn’t or some I didn’t even ask but I just really got into the intense excitement there. Way intense.

I can’t wait to continue all the fun on moving day! It’s going to be such a blast that I can hardly stand it! Looking forward to the blog post that day!


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