#140, or Talking with Sharondala, or I Love Talking to my Friends and That Always Ends up in the Posts

I hate technology. But I also love technology. Sometimes stupid things that can further procrastination like the internet and Facebook can be great for getting in touch with friends and catching up. Tonight I enjoyed some time catching up with the lovely Sharon.

Sharon is one of the most beautiful people I have ever known and I count myself lucky to have her as a friend – even if we don’t get to spend nearly as much time doing girly friendship things together as we’d like. She’s got a heart the size of Texas and is easily my favorite memory from my time working at Equinox.

My life is busy. I work full-time and am in school full-time so those things alone are enough to keep me from having a life. Add onto that the 8 million plans I’m constantly making for myself to try to enjoy my free time and the wedding I’m planning and I’d say my brain and my time are pretty much kaput.

Kapoot? Ka-put? Hmm.


Mondays are lame. Everyone knows that. We’ve reviewed it enough times already on this blog that it shouldn’t be a question. So it’s nice when there’s a little moment of the day that feels a little different than every other Monday and makes me smile. Today was catching up with Sharon. That little cutie patootie!

Tomorrow maybe it will be a surprise pony from my fiance or winning a million dollars in a contest. Really, the odds for excitement tomorrow are so with me. Why? Because tomorrow isn’t Monday.

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