#141, or Bath Time, or Sick Days Don’t Allow for Exciting Blog Days

I’m a tad drugged up. I think my sinuses are trying to destroy me for Christmas. Happy Holidays!

I wanted to be in bed 30 minutes ago but that doesn’t seem to have happened. I took a bath to help relax my body and mind and it was pretty nice. I don’t normally take baths in regular tubs. Jacuzzi/whirlpool tubs always beckon me and I’m excited there’s one of those in our house but regular ol’ tubs? Meh. I thought I could use it today and I think I was right – although it means I won’t get to bed the time I wanted to.

I relaxed in the hot water, read, and took time to just do nothing. Okay now granted, I’ve been doing a lot of nothing today but not purposeful focus-on-relaxing sort of nothing. It’s been I-feel-sick-and-miserable nothing. I woke up in the middle of the night writhing in pain because it felt like someone took a sledgehammer to the right side of my head. It was basically more laughs than a barrel of monkeys.

1. How many laughs come in a barrel of monkeys. 2. Why isn’t the plural of monkeys , monkies? Hmm?

I’m hoping that now that I’m drugged up I might be able to make it through the night and wake up tomorrow feeling like a super duper Sabrina. Then I can head into work like a rockstar and buckle down until it’s holiday funtime.

Operation Get Better in the Next Five Days so Christmas Still Rocks: In Progress.

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