#142, or I Have a Website, or I’m Kind of a Big Deal Now


I’m a real live person with a real live place in the internet universe. Check it out ladies and gentlemen: Sabrina Creates

Boom. That just happened.

Okay so maybe all I’ve really done is pick fonts, a basic design, decide on pages, and link to this here blog – but whatever – the point is that it exists. I made a big girl decision and purchased a domain name. I’ve been brainstorming names forever and today, thanks to a little help from David, I narrowed it down and made it awesome. Hurray for being real!

This means that some day I might be able to use that website to showcase my awesomeness to people interested in said awesomeness. As I continue to learn more about web design I’ll be able to personalize it more and have a place online that showcases me as much as humanly possible. My own little corner. How delightful.

Oh and I can maybe make money off of it someday with ads and such. At this point I don’t predict the website anywhere near big enough to warrant making money off of it but hey – you never know. I have the space if I want it!

I’m basically famous is what’s happening.

Your jealousy is overwhelming me right now so I should probably just let this go.

You know what else happened today? I made peanut butter balls for the first time. Not only are they absolutely delicious but they make for an extensive amount of inappropriate jokes that I can’t stop laughing at. David was over them after I said the first one. Thankfully, I’m amused enough for the both of us to keep the jokes and the laughter going.

This. The domain name having and the balls jokes?

This is what makes meĀ irresistible.

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