#143, or Dinner with my Parents, or Also – I Got me Some Cookies!

It’s mere hours from Christmas Eve Eve and I am certain that you are as excited as I am. I’m working on Christmas Eve Eve which is less than ideal but it’s certainly better than working on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas so I think I’ll live.

Tonight I was treated to dinner by my darling parents at their favorite restaurant. We had some unhealthy appetizers, some beer, and some silly conversation. It was a nice break from my usual mundane weekdayness and since David is basically just a figment of my imagination this season thanks to his job in e-retail it’s nice to have some company.

My parents are pretty cool people. I might be saying that because I think it’s true. I might be saying that because they read my blog and Christmas is right around the corner. Take your pick. Tonight we learned that the restaurant doesn’t understand the difference between their own sauces and I learned that they probably make all of said sauces with Frank’s Red Hot.

You should really work on your own recipe. Just a thought.

To top it all off, I got a surprise gift on my way home! We live in David’s parents’ basement and they live in a gated community. Since we aren’t technically residents we have to go through the visitor gate every time we come in. Saleem, one of the security guards is basically my best friend. Today he mentioned I was coming in late and I agreed – we momentarily discussed that my fiance’s parents live in the complex, and he said he had a gift for me. He pulls out a giant box of chocolatey cookies.


I said thank you and he told me that I was always so pleasant and positive and that he loved the message I was spreading with my license plate (it says be happy) and thanked me.


See people, this positivity thing really does pay off. Some people have told me that I’m silly for my optimism but guess what people? You can go screw yourselves because my happiness is frigging epic. My joy spread to a complete stranger that opens the security gate. You can continue thinking I’m ridiculous and/or naive all you want because it’s moments like this that make me happy to be cheesy, goofy, silly, giggly, and optimistic me.

In your face, naysayers. In. Your. Face. No chocolate cookies for you.

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