#144, or Finally Getting a Movie Night with That Guy I Know, or Happy Festivus All!

So me and the hubsauce are hanging out tonight in our cozies watching some movies and so far it’s going pretty great. I’ll probably be asleep in about an hour and not finish the current movie because it’s a weekday and waking up for work makes it harder to stay up late like all the cool kids. It’s been nice to just relax with him and get some quiet time in since work is his MO these days.

This is my favorite time of year and I’m glad that I finally get at least a wee bit of time with the future Mr. Sabrina.

So far there’s one movie on the total win list. Crazy, Stupid, Love. The previews made it look funny. The movie was even funnier. And sweet. And interesting. Watch it. I dare you.

Oh and it’s Festivus. I never really liked Seinfeld…like…at all… but the fake holiday has morphed into more than just a Seinfeld reference and has become, indeed, “A Festivus for the rest of us.” Although by “us” I don’t include me. I don’t fall into the “rest of us” category as a total Christmas fangirl.

Hey – did I mention CHRISTMAS IS COMING!?!?!? DID YOU GET THE MEMO!?!?!

I love me some Christmas.

And some quiet time.

We have an action-packed weekend ahead of us full of loads of food, drink, and family. It should be a good time. Mostly because if any one of those three goes wrong then the other two are there to save the awesome.

42 minutes until Christmas Eve.

Let’s get pumped, people.

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