#145, or Christmas Eve with my Familia, or Christmas Car Bombs

Okay so I would have had a picture for today’s blog but my Google adventures were really depressing. Somehow it ended up that we all did an Irish Car Bomb, aptly renamed Christmas Car Bombs, and when you Google Christmas Car Bomb you actually just find a bunch of really depressing photos of actual bombs. Definitely not the Christmas spirit. Definitely depressing.

Anyway. The point here is that it’s Christmas Eve. So far we have opened our Christmas Eve presents (jammies) and continued on with good food and good conversation. My parents got me footy pajamas with Rudolph feet that I’m totally going to rock when I go to sleep tonight and wait for Santa. Also, David will probably fall in love with me all over again when he sees me in them. Because me plus Christmas Spirit equals beautiful. I dare you to say it doesn’t. IT DOES.

So we’re having a couple drinks, talking a bunch, and getting ready for our night waiting for Santa. In the morning, since we’re staying here tonight, we’ll all wake up and share the joys of Christmas that Santa brought us. It should be very exciting. I have an idea of some of the stuff Santa is bringing to my parents but shhh don’t tell them.

Since we’ve lived in Virginia our holidays have changed. They used to be about running from family to family to do the big dinner thing and chat with everyone. Now that it’s just my parents in Virginia we just do the holidays with them which – no offense to extended family – makes for a fun holiday. We spend our time in sweats, hanging out, drinking, and eating. It’s a great time for all. It was nice with the bigger family together but it wasn’t as intimate and ultimately – like all big family holidays – someone gets upset with someone else and the drama continues on for another grand holiday. I love that with my family we keep it small and fun.

I wish my brother and his family could join us for the ridiculousness that has become the holidays since we’ve moved to Virginia but he doesn’t visit for the holidays anymore so he hangs with his other family. I suspect there’s a lot of driving back and forth to visit the families. This year being the first that we have to divide between two families, I certainly don’t envy the balancing act a family has to do when there’s remarriage in the family. So many families – so little time! I am grateful that my parents are still together and David’s parents are still together. This makes the holdiays – at least while we are in the same state as them – much easier.

I am having a blast bonding with my awesome parents and my lovely fiance so I must get back to the fun. I hope that anyone that reads this today has a grand Christmas Eve or December 24th. This weekend is turning out pretty great so far. This was what I needed and I am beyond grateful that I have such great people in my life. Happy  Christmas Eve. Happy Christmas Car Bombs everyone. Enjoy!

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