#146, or Best Christmas Evaaaar (So Far)

This Christmas equals Awesome with a capital a (clearly).

David is like…a  hundred years older than me and has been married before so he’s done this whole – two family holiday thing before in some aspect I’m sure. This, however, was my first time. I know that last year – if I remember correctly – he came to visit my house after Thanksgiving dinner and I went to visit his house after Christmas dinner.

This year though was our first attempt at splitting the holidays betwixt our families. I’d say we did a pretty good job.

I have always been close with my mother and the older I get the more I love the holidays with my family. It’s probably because I get funnier every year and every year they are able to appreciate it more. But as someone that is close to her family, I wanted nothing to change. I wanted my holidays to stay the same. This was the first Christmas that I didn’t spend all day with my parents and that was definitely a change – a hard one to be honest – but it was a fantastic day all around.

I loved waking up this morning with my parents and David to open presents , have Christmas breakfast, and be lazy for the following three hours. I loved sitting on my butt for half of the day watching the Doctor Who marathon. I loved hiking over to my future brother/sister-in-laws house and having dinner with them too.

I’m so excited that next year David and I will be in a house and be able to decorate for the holidays. Being at his family’s house was just the inspiration I needed. Their house is so awesomely Christmas-tastic that I was basically in decoration-heaven because I’m so frigging pumped about Christmasthings.

Today I had a new kind of Christmas. Today I celebrated with both of my families (one as per usual and one new) and I had an absolute blast. It may not have always looked like it because I have been craaaazy tired (I can’t sleep when I’m waiting for Santa to come) all day but trust – I was.

We even capped it off with a feel good movie. Go see We Bought a Zoo. It made me tear up and was totally adorbz. Feelgoodness all over.

Growing up/on/at all is weird. And hard. And fun. And sad. And good. And every emotion that has ever existing in the world of emotions. I think that the best people – the ones that truly get something out of this life are the ones that are always growing and open to change. Today was change and I am grateful that I let myself give into it because it was more than I ever could have asked for. I am lucky to have family to share today with and I am excited that David and I are creating our own special family that will someday grow too, just as we are every day.

I hope that everyone’s day – whether you celebrate Christmas or not – was at least one percent as lovely as mine because that would be more than enough.

Oh and David let me ramble on for a solid five minutes about how I love the story lines in Doctor Who and how, as a writer, I appreciate the fascinating intricacies and entirely new and inventive plots that keep this long-running series alive. He at least deserves a cookie for that.

Maybe not a cookie. Because maybe I’ve had enough fattening food and sweets in the past 48 hours to destroy my organs forever.

And maybe tomorrow I’ll go for a run and drink a smoothie.

Or maybe I’ll just eat more brownies and watch the Doctor Who Christmas special I DVRed…

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