#147, or Sleep, or No Seriously – I Slept a Lot Last Night

I think it’s safe to say that Christmas kicked my ass. And David’s. We were in bed by 11ish last night and we woke up this morning promptly at 10:55AM. Seriously.

I think he mentioned waking up once in the eeeaaarly morning and nodding back off but I was out like a light for the whole night. I must have had a least a million dreams. Many of them very confusing as they would correlate to real life just enough to make it feel more real than usual. Like the one where I was trying to figure out how big of a rental truck we needed for our three couches (three?) or the one where I quit work and went to school full-time (but it was a K-grad school?) or a plethora of other ones including one with a talking tree.

I was very busy in my sleep last night. On adventures and the like.

I read a study once that women’s brains are better wired for dream-remembering than men’s. This probably explains why David can remember about five seconds of his while I can spend five minutes explaining just one dream to him. All the while he stares back at me with bug eyes wondering when the craziness will end.

Anyway – the point is that I slept like a rock last night. And the fella – who never sleeps for more than 6(ish) hours slept the same amount. I always wake up alone on weekends because I’m the late sleeper. I was actually convinced for a second that it must be really early if David was still in bed.

As it turns out, Christmas was rockin and our bodies/minds needed some serious r&r after our whirlwind 48 hour Christmas Spirit extravaganza.

This concerns me a tad just because it will probably be tough to get to bed tonight and going back to work after a three day weekend is always hard but going back tired is also a bummer. Although I suppose since I’m working an hour later all this week (I think?) I have a little more time to work with so holler!

On an entirely unrelated note – the girl on the commercial for a local car dealership should not have been allowed to do her own hair and makeup. It doesn’t help your car dealership’s image… is all I’m sayin.

So back to me. Sleep. It felt sort of weird to get so little out of my day today – waking up so late and still going to bed work-early but I think it was worth it. Clearly, I needed the rest.

Now, I go attempt to sleep again. Because I’m a fiend! I just can’t get enough! Sleepmonsterrawwwrrrrr!!!

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