#148, or Feeling Good at Work, or I Didn’t Make Mistakes Today…That I Know of

My job title has the words “scheduling coordinator” in it. Well, the one my boss gave me does. The job title I gave myself at my last job was “Assistant Manager of Making Things Really Awesome”. At this job my self-promoted title is “Manager of Fun and Sunshine”. In fact, I listed that as my position on our company Yammer page.

I digress.

My title doesn’t sound terribly hard and if I gave you the one-sentence summary of what I do you would think my job is fantastically easy. But ha – that’s the trick. It’s not “hard” per se so much as it is just incredibly intricate. There are so many different rules and procedures, special circumstances, and bits that I never would have ever considered this job would have based on the aforementioned one-sentence summary.

Because of this, I have been at my job for almost 4 months now and I still make mistakes. We have a great serious of checking and double-checking each other (I only work directly with 2 other lovely ladies) so it’s usually never life-threatening or dire so that’s great. And I can openly admit that this job is highly intricate. And my boss has told me that she was doing things wrong or making mistakes until well into her first year with the company. And some mistakes are natural. And blah blah blah.

I am a perfectionist. I don’t hold anyone else to these standards but I feel like I need to be a frigging rockstar at everything I do. Everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s the art things I create or the mundane things in life I don’t necessarily do. Okay well that’s not entirely true. I really don’t care if I’m the best toilet cleaner in the world but whatever – you get the point. I feel like at three months in I should know absolutely everything there is to know about this job and I should be making zero mistakes.

Okay so fine, that’s a big goal, I get it. Today though, I was on a roll. I felt like I made good progress on the work I had to do, felt confident about what I was doing, and the only mishap was that I missed a paper that ended up attached to other papers (so many paperclips!) but I don’t count that because that was logistically the paperclips’ fault and not mine.

Maybe the three day weekend was what I needed to get back on track in my brainspace. Or maybe doing my makeup before work for the first time in a week and a half helped put me in a more prepared mood. Whatever it was – it was great. I felt like I was working and chugging along nicely today. My office job is not the world of aerial dancing for Cirque du Soleil I dreamed of years ago but I can still get excited about being not entirely terrible at it.

Today, I was a scheduling master. I printed, typed, emailed, stapled, and a variety of other exciting office duties – and it felt goooooood. I made some strides. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.



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