#149, or Half Price Christmas Thing, or I Won’t Let Christmas Die!

You may not have picked up on this already – and if that’s the case you’re really dense – but I really love me some Christmas. I still have our little tree up on the table. I still have a mini paper tree up at work. I still need to go see the Festival of Lights this weekend.

Today, I had to make a little jaunt over to a neighborhood convenience store slash pharmacy and boy was I for a treat. All of the leftover Christmas goodies were 50% off! Huzzah! The Christmas fun continues!

I think I deserve some sort of award for not buying everything in the store. Some sort of awesome award like a big gold ribbon or giant chocolate chip cookie. Congratulate me, world, for I have conquered! Moreover, I got paid today so there was at least a million dollars (I’m basically rich and powerful) burning a hole in my pocket.

But I got myself one thing. One stellar thing. It had to be good.

Rudolph!! And Bumble!! And the chase!!! Oooh *squee* it’s so adorable I could just melt.

I now have a delightful little Christmas decoration for next Christmas in our house. How absolutely wonderful.

Let the Christmas continue!

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