#150, or Buying Some House Stuff, or Buying Some More Christmas Stuff

I might have a problem. I might, as it turns out, be addicted to Christmas.

Okay no I changed my mind. That’s not a problem. Not at all. It’s just awesomeness. Christmas Spirit is my crack and I just can’t get enough. I went to the mall to get my foundation but, of course, the one shade they were out of was the one I use (thanks other white chicks, way to mess up my whole plan).

On the bright side, Hallmark was having a sale on all Christmas items. Scorezilla! I got 3 new ones (shhh don’t tell David) and when we stopped by K-mart I got a red and green plastic box.

My first Christmas things box!

Yes. I’m excited about the box I’m putting my Christmas decorations in. Don’t judge me. I really love Christmas. And I mean it. I love it more the older I get. I don’t know how that works out, it just does.

So we also stopped to get some stuff at K-mart and that was exciting. The things I got weren’t exactly exciting. Just things like an expo calendar, a shower caddy, and plungers.

Weeee plungers!!

I know that doesn’t sound exciting but I promise it is. Mostly on account of us moving into a new house. Well okay, all on account of moving into a new house because no, plungers aren’t really exciting.

Unless you’re into that sort of thing.


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