#153, or a New Year, or a Fresh Start

My resolutions this year:

Be kinder and nicer.

Be more compassionate.

Listen more and talk less.

Run 10 miles (in a row).

Write more.

Art more.

Return calls/texts/emails in a more timely fashion.

Call my friends/family  more.

Go somewhere new and exciting.

Take a chance.

Be less bashful about all of my weirdness.

Laugh more.

Create a regular routine of meditation.

Learn how to cook good steak.

Drive slower.

Donate more money to good causes.


Really forgive.

Give more second chances – to others and myself.


Check back with me in a year and we’ll see how many of these I accomplished.

I’m hoping for at least three.

About Sabrina

I love writing, photography, art, design, and dancing around. I make things out of other things. I bake with my heart. . View all posts by Sabrina

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