#155, or a Happiness Recap of Happy Things

This post requires bullets. Bullets for organization and excitement. Onward!

  • The obvious and clear excitement lies in the fact that I’m posting from my computer and my home. Ladies and gents, we have internet! Oh and cable. Hurray. Mr.FIOS guy came and set us up all cozy-like with our connection to the outside world. It got a little rough for a bit there, having to talk to each other and the like but we made it out alive.
  • I went to the Lovesick Expo with Jackie yesterday. A room of alternative brides hanging out and getting new ideas. It was delightful albeit small. A wee little Philly daytrip with girly funtime.
  • Classes started again and even though I enjoyed my time off, I’m excited about my courses. The two design courses this term are Digital Layout and Digital Photography. Both I particularly enjoy. Enjoying classes makes them much easier.
  • We’re in a new home. We’re rockin the suburbs yo! How stoked are you?!?
  • We paid for our venue. Zomg we’re  really getting married! And if we’re not getting married well then… I’ve got a room for eight hours one day this year so who wants to have a board game marathon?! Yes!
  • I signed up for the DSEE Digital Print & Design Conference. Hell yea! See you there yes?
  • And finally, I’m back to blogging. That’s a pretty happy thing. It felt pretty weird not blogging my happies each day and I’m sure you were just dying without my insightful words. Never fear, faithful readers, I am back with things to share!



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