#156, or Cold Winter Run, or Excuse Me Sir – Why Are You Singing?

Today I went on a yog in my hot pink sneaks. It was slightly cold out and it was my first cold weather run in a while. It felt wonderful and terrible all at the same time. My legs are jello right now. Wiggly wobbly.

Also, my feet hurt.

My future in-laws were kind enough to get me a gift card for some new running shoes but I haven’t got out to The Running Store  yet so I’m still rocking the old, beat up kicks. They work. They’re shoes. But seriously, my feet are pissed. They’re all “Hey Sabrina, didn’t we tell you over a month ago that these shoes aren’t cuttin’ in?” and I was all “Well yea but” and they were all “No buts, we told you and you have the gift card, so get us some new shoes dammit” and I was all “Don’t be so snippy with me, you’re just feet.”

So seriously. New shoes. This weekend. Need that to happen.

Furtherly, while I was on my jaunt, I ran by a guy walking on the other side. When I turned around and was running back, I passed him again (still on this other side) except this time he was “singing.” I’m not sure exactly what he was “singing” or that it qualifies as being called singing (without the quotes) but it was strange.

The sun was setting, I was running sans headphones, and some strange dude was squealing a tune in a voice annoying enough to make the neighborhood dogs wail. No really. It was like the Pied Piper or something. As he strolled , the dog at each house he walked by would start wailing. So weird. So freaking weird.

You might think that’s a good reason to run with headphones on.

You would be wrong.

With people like that walking around my neighborhood you bet your ass I’m going to maintain all of my senses at %100 so I’m ready to strike back (or join the singing?) at moment’s notice.

Running without headphones helps me hone my ninja skills. Don’t hate.


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