#157, or Falling Asleep to the Sound of Rain, or Sleepybear Tomorrow

So there’s a manfest happening in my kitchen right now. David and three of his bros are manbonding. No, he doesn’t call them bros but I really feel like any congregation of more than 2 guys constitutes a brofest so that’s what it is.

It was nice chatting with the fellas but I’m sure they’re enjoying their mantime right now. Bonding while they talk about technology, cars, and the latest irritating thing their significant other has done. I’m sure it’s a blast.  They probably miss me dearly from the conversation I’m sure. They’re just dying to hear about all of my opinions on everything.

*Important side note: I like to talk.*

Anyway, I’m lying in my bed, about to go to sleep and I’m super excited for the coziness I feel right now. This winter has been slightly disgruntling with the lack of snow (and thus, lack of snow days) but I’m really loving the rain for this moment. I’m going to nod off and the rain is tap tapping all around me making for a very soothing bedtime atmosphere.

I went for a run tonight in the rain and it was sort of fantastic. I’m sure that most people would choose not to run in the rain in the winter but it really wasn’t that cold and I sort of love running in the rain so I just had to. I was soaked by the time I returned and I did a short run. It felt goooood. My sneakers may not smell so great tomorrow but they’ll certainly smell for a good cause.

I love the rain. I think I would do well in Seattle because rain makes me happy. Does it make my hair happy? No. So that might be an issue if I moved since I would never be able to wear my hair down… but the sound of heavy rain is lovely. And lounging around the house during the day while the rain is ticking away is just plain awesome.

I won’t get that latter effect on account of the fact that I have to go to work tomorrow but I can dream anyway. Work will certainly be tiring since I’m going to bed after my normal bedtime (I like routine during the week) but hopefully I’ll still be moderately useful. Waking up tomorrow is certainly going to be hard.

Less sleep. Two glasses of wine. Yup, tomorrow morning is going to be a bitch.

But tonight? Tonight is lovely and soothing and peaceful. I am entirely grateful.


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