#158, or Late Night Photo Edit Sesh, or I’m Going to Need Coffee Tomorrow

Okay I definitely should have gone to sleep hours ago.

But I’m in the groove! I can’t stop now! Gotta keep going!

I’m working on editing the photos I want to put up on my website and I finally established a cohesive theme for all of them and worked with my Photoshop actions and started doing more editing and making things/people/etc. look extra pretty. I am progressing and it’s exciting so I’m all wired and I don’t want to sleep!

I should sleep. That would be the intelligent choice on account of my 5:30AM alarm clock time. But gosh darnit all – I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

The weekdays can be rough sometimes. I go to work, come home, workout, eat, do homework, and fill in any time after that with things I choose to do. That usually leaves me less than an hour before bed so sometimes I just get so crazy-wazy that I just decide (smart or not) to forgo sleep and continue on with whatever exciting project I’m working on.

Like now.

When I’m yawning and my eyes are droopy and I have work bright and ugly in the morning.

But I’m writing.

I’m writing late because I’m editing.

And I Can’t. Stop. Editing.

I’m just having so much fun putting this all together. It makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

I think I’m going to edit my website a bit more, pull the photos together, and head off to bed. Maybe you should check it out because I didn’t stay up for nothing right?


11:59PM. Boom.

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