#159, or Hey I’m Not So Bad I Guess, or Unterrible Work Review

I’ve had some interesting jobs. I’ve had some interesting coworkers. I’ve certainly had some interesting bosses. Mostly leaning toward the ridiculously crazy or asinine end of the bosses spectrum. This is particularly odd as I don’t feel that I’ve had any very serious jobs before. It was all really simple customer service type things.

Maybe that’s the key? Customer service = redonkulus?

So that being said, my current job seems to be going pretty well. Will I spend the rest of my life in this position? No. But am I happy for now and enjoying my coworkers? Yes indeed. I even like my boss! Crazy!

Today, I had my 90 day review. At 120 days but shhh.

It was weirdly constructive. My boss had positive things to say and we could talk about places where I can grow and such and I didn’t feel like I was in trouble during the whole meeting.

I’m not terrible at my job! Win! My boss doesn’t hate me! Win! I’m a positive part of the team! Win!

After not sleeping much last night then loading up on caffeine this morning to be able to function, it was nice to have that bit of positive energy to end the week on.

So let’s recap. I like my coworker(s?). I like my boss. I can do my job. Apparently I don’t suck at said job. I have decent hours. I have an office.

I’m pretty satisfied with my job situation right now. I’ll keep chugging along in school and at work and only good things can come of it!

And now? No more work talk, for it is the weekend. Hell yea.

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