#160, or New Running Shoes, or My Feet Are Still Going to Hurt a Lot

Awww they is so preeeetty.

Here’s my new shweet running shoes y’all! Get excited! They’re the New Balance Minimus shoes with a vibram sole. Awesomeness all around.

Except for one thing.

I basically just screwed myself on that whole feet feeling horrible thing.

These are minimal support shoes. That means a) I need to ease into wearing them, starting with once a week for a bit and moving up from there, 2) I’m still going to be wearing my “old” running shoes for the most part so my feet will still be hurting, and c) minimal support shoes are going to hurt a whole hell of a lot for a while.

So basically. I’m a moron.

But an excited moron. I’ve wanted to venture into the crazy fad world of minimal support shoes for a hot minute now and I just decided at The Running Store today to just dive right in. They feel amazing on my feet. My feet feel so cozy wozy and free. The catch is that the less support you have the more your muscles need to work. I’m sure you’re all familiar with what muscles feel like after they’ve been worked out.

They hurt.

A lot.

Yes, I got new running shoes. Yes, I still need new running shoes for the days I’m not wearing my new running shoes. It’s complex – like me – I know – and it’s my own fault because I decided to do something crazy. I should have done this the opposite way and bought new regular running shoes then later bought the minimal support but I don’t do things logically… like… ever so chew on that.

You should be lucky this isn’t a complaint of the day blog because you’d be hearing a lot about my feet/calves/etc. for a while. Note: I don’t know who would read that. Hey – I can’t wait to read about what sucked in Sabrina’s day today! Nope, doesn’t sound appealing.

I stepped out of my usual pink running shoe thing and went with the neon orange this time which was a tough decision to make but I feel good about it because two pairs of my pink running shoes also have orange in them so it’s a pretty natural transition for me. As long as the bright colors are there, I should be good.

Hey, who’s coming for a run with me tomorrow hmm?


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