#163, or I Don’t Have a Mullet Anymore, or If I Still Lived in Richmond I Probably Could’ve Kept it

Here’s the thing. The short hair? It look/s/ed cute. Really. I’m not saying it was bad. Jody salvaged my hair after I chopped it all off and I’m grateful for that. But now I want my hair back and it’s not growing quick enough. I expect it to grow at least six inches every month – let’s get a move on, hair.

I’m growing it back out because I miss ponytails and flowy hair and doing something… anything different with my hair. I don’t know how guys do it. Having short hair gets boring, fast. There’s no fun to be had. Maybe that’s why getting all that weird crap shaved into your head is becoming a thing for dudes. Either way, I’m over it. I’m ready to have some hair again.

There’s a problem here though. Hair doesn’t just grow from super short hair to super long hair and look super cute the whole time. No no. It gets awkward. I mean super awkward. Like… Sabrina had a baby mullet slash rat tail depending on the day awkward. It’s a good thing I’m engaged because I wasn’t getting any suitors with that hair for sure.

You know it’s bad when your fiance who is always so supportive of the way you look no matter what time of day, outfit, morning hair etc, suggests that maybe you should put on that hat you just bought right now.

I did though, end up with two cute new winter hats from Target for less than $10 in an emergency hat excursion.

Happily, tonight I go to bed lighter and more put together. Growing my hair out is a process that’s going to take a while and a bit of work but I’m looking forward to having nice flowy hair again someday. Once it’s long enough, I’m going to rock some fun extensions which should help make me feel like an uber goddess.

I look forward to my future long flowing locks. In the meantime, I love Jody for making sure I don’t look like a dirty artsy hipster dude . Thanks Jody. Respectz.

“Cheerfulness is what greases the axles of the world. Don’t go through life creaking.” H.W. Byles

I am not creaking these days,  although I did sort of look like a grease monkey (The Quotes are back by popular demand. By popular I mean Jen asked and I only have like five readers anyway so I like to please the ones I have).

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