#165, or Feeling Sore Today, or Take That – Muscles!

After falling victim to the holiday season, I am finally back on track with my eating and working out. Thank goodness.

Today was an off day and I spent the evening working on some design things which is probably best since I can’t lift my arms very high up to be productive at other things anyway. Especially cleaning. Definitely incapable of cleaning today.

I’m usually fairly good at working out my lower half but tend to give up a little early when it comes to the top half of me making me weaksauce. This also means I’m not usually sore after upper body workouts. It would seem, that with my new return to healthy living, I have finally found the will to get my upper body rocking.

I already told the ladies I work with that tomorrow I will be useless and will walk around just flapping my arms. They hurt today and they will be pointless tomorrow. They will be strange wiggly limbs that I cannot control without pain. Today, it hurt to put my jacket on. Tomorrow, I’ll probably enjoy it a whole heck of a lot less.

Mad shout out to Jackie Warner’s exercise DVDs. Girl knows what she’s doing. I am feeling the burn.

I love feeling sore. It feels like I’m doing something right. It feels like I’m getting fitter and sexier every second.

Do you feel it? Do you feel my overwhelming and increasing sexiness?

It’s okay, I’ll walk away now so you don’t have to worry.

“The world is full of people looking for spectacular happiness while they snub contentment. ” Doug Larson

I am okay with contentment today. I have sore muscles, a good dinner in my belly, and a cozy bed. Oh and tomorrow is Friday. Holler. Contentment works today.

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